Church of the Apostles in Coppell Texas

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Episcopal Church serving the Dallas TX Area 

The Church of the Apostles, an Episcopal Church in Coppell, Texas, welcomes all Christians.  Furthermore, Our members come from all over the Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex to hear and proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

At the Church of the Apostles, we take seriously Jesus’ command to love our neighbors as ourselves. Additionally, we welcome all people as specially created and individually loved by God.  Whatever your background or circumstances, as a Coppell Bible Church, we invite you to join us for Saturday evening or Sunday morning Holy Eucharist.

The Church of the Apostles’ pastoral ministry includes Baptism, Confirmation, Confession & Reconciliation, Marriage, and Funerals.

Baptisma sacrament by which one becomes a full member of the Christian Church. In our Anglican tradition, all baptized persons may receive the sacrament of Holy Communion or the Eucharist.

Confirmation is the rite by which a baptized person affirms his or her faith in the presence of a bishop. Baptismal vows often accompany Confirmation.  These vows replace those that parents or godparents invoked when previously baptized as an infant or youth.

Reconciliation, a sacrament, in which one confesses personal sins — in absolute privacy and confidentiality in the presence of a priest — who offers counsel and assurance of God’s forgiveness.

Marriages take place inside the church, on the grounds in Patrick’s Place Gardens, or an approved location with required preparation by the priest. In addition, divorced persons may remarry in the church, with additional preparation to include permission from the bishop.

Funeral arrangements for Christian memorial services or burials are scheduled whenever possible to meet a request.  Thus, you do NOT have to be a member to request funeral assistance.  Moreover if desired, a reception can follow the service in our new Parish Hall.  After consultation, the committal of ashes can occur in Patrick’s Place as well.

Finally, the Church of the Apostles, a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion, looks forward to meeting and worshiping with all Christians.

Church of the Apostles