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Inspirational music sung by the Apostles Choir has been a long-standing hallmark of the Church of the Apostles in Coppell, Texas.  A multicultural approach at the Sunday morning service comprises presentations of music that highlight the talents of the Apostles Choir.

At the Church of the Apostles, we highly value music as an integral part of worship. In addition, under the leadership of our celebrant and multi-talented director of music, Ben Ryan, the congregation sings together as a community to worship.

The Apostles choir sings varied music.  The songs draw from the very best of the sacred repertoire, from Renaissance polyphony through the twenty-first century.  With the assistance of our world-class singers, the adult choir maintains a high standard of choral singing. Additionally, the Church of the Apostles Choir maintains a well-known reputation throughout the Coppell area for providing fantastic music. Our choir singers have lots of fun, and thus, we have singers at all levels, singing all kinds of music – from traditional to contemporary, gospel to spirituals, classical to modern, and so on. During the Christmas and Easter seasons, there are extra programs, special music, and numerous singing opportunities.


We welcome everyone to sing with us


The choir also invites other singers to sing along or present a concert at Patrick’s Place. A Russian A Capella Singing Quartet entertained the congregation in May 2017 and April 2018.

In conclusion, anybody interested in singing should join our choir. If you are curious about the choir and you like to sing, we invite you to join us

The great music emanating from the Church of the Apostles Choir inspires and uplifts worshipers weekly. Music, the heartbeat of celebration, goes hand-in-hand with worship at our church.

Finally, we are blessed to have a number of opportunities for people to participate actively in the music ministry and everyone with any interest should join our choir.

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