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Church of the Apostles Ministries

Apostles believes in our calling to overflow in generous sharing of “time, talent, and treasure” — as our individual circumstances permit. Our combined giving keeps this parish moving forward in service and allows us to focus our ministries for the work of the Kingdom of God.

Please review our ministries below, and say…” COUNT ME IN” to help in the areas that you feel you can make a difference.

Altar Guild: Prayerfully tends to altar vessels and linens, setting up the altar for all weekend and special services. Combines busy hands and contemplative hearts. Debbie Fruithandler ([email protected])

Austin Street Shelter: Helps collect and prepare fresh sandwiches and food for delivery and face-to-face serving on site at the Dallas shelter — on a quarterly rotation with other area churches. Lynette Yates ([email protected])

Bible & Book Study Small Groups: We enjoy a collection of open small groups, both regular and periodic, with a regular Women’s Group and a Men’s Group and a Sunday morning Adult Group. Please check with each leader below for days and times!

Building/Parish Hall Hosts: Assists parish family and community groups in a busy schedule of weekly activities and special events. Our talented hosts help welcome, supervise, troubleshoot, and evangelize — all at the same time! De Dee Riddle ([email protected])

Community Events: Organize popular seasonal events that can serve dozens or hundreds of guests! Whether Breakfast with Santa or Easter Egg Hunt… we invite the whole community. Sarah Moreno ([email protected]) Ben Ryan ([email protected])

Communion Bread Bakers: We are blessed not only by the Real Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, we are spoiled by home-baked bread for communion every week! This labor of love means someone spends time praying and baking and preparing for the sacrament long before we arrive at church. Judi Lamson ([email protected])

Daughters of the King, Lydia Chapter: An international women’s group dedicated to prayer, service and evangelism, always in close partnership with their priest. Following a rule of life, the Daughters spend countless hours in both public projects and private intercession. Barbara Maley ([email protected])

Eucharistic Altar Servers: Lay Eucharistic Ministers, Vergers, and Acolytes who assist the priest at the altar during public worship. Lynn Smith, LEMS ([email protected]), Ken Mays, Vergers ([email protected]), & Chris Wallace, Acolytes ([email protected])

Flower Guild: Our resident floral artists who create beautiful arrangements flanking the altar. Some church services include arrangements from local florists, while other times our own Guild provides them — and our in-house arrangements often look more beautiful! Connie Bertram ([email protected])

Guatemala Mission Ministries: Our team helps support an ongoing ministry in country — with mission trips on site, as well as year-round special projects that collect and ship critical items. Liia Harmon ([email protected])

Healing & Intercessors: Apostles has a long history of Spirit-filled prayers for healing. These include public worship, small group instruction, and private prayers whenever requested. This ministry remains under the direct supervision of the priest as an extension of our sacramental life. It is shared with utmost sensitivity, safety, and discretion. Bree Russell ([email protected])

Hospitality: Holy bread and wine in the sanctuary — and holy coffee and pastries in the Parish Hall! Food and drink bring us joy and fellowship, as well as comfort in grief. Whatever the event or reason, they ensure the food is prepared or delivered on time. Daughters of the King, Marilyn Marsh ([email protected])

Intercessory Prayer: Parishioners who receive both public and private prayer requests, lifting up those in need while maintaining strict confidentiality as appropriate. ([email protected])

Lay Eucharistic Visitors: With the Bishop’s permission, our priest trains a team to assist him in taking Holy Communion to those who are sick or shut-in. Together they serve as an extension of the altar. Jane Elterman ([email protected])

Lectors, Ushers, Counters: Lectors publicly read Scripture during worship. Gene Toye ([email protected]). Ushers also assist during worship. Barbara Cervantes ([email protected]) Counters confirm & secure offerings. Daphne Will ([email protected])

Men’s Bible and Book Study: Small Group with all men welcome! Currently meeting for fellowship and study at church on the first Thursday of the month. Collin McAvoy ([email protected])

Women’s Bible Studies: A twice-monthly study group for all women, meeting in various locations on a rotating schedule. Susan Deems ([email protected])

Music Ministry: Vocalists and instrumentalists combine for worship, with a range of traditional and contemporary styles. Ben Ryan ([email protected]) Saturday worship coordinator Danny Green ([email protected])

Patrick’s Place Guild: Dedicated overseers of our outside columbarium — maintaining hallowed ground for inurnment as well as special events. Bree Russell ([email protected])

Riverchase Elementary School: Outreach to students and staff “across the street” — with many children low income or otherwise challenged. Readers and buddies always needed! Debbie Moss ([email protected])

St. Martha’s Guild: Meals for sick or shut-ins, parents of new babies, or other pressing needs. Meals for delivery may include dietary restrictions and can be purchased or homemade — or both! Stephanie Clifton ([email protected])

20’s & 30’s / Young Adults Fellowship: For those on the “front nine” of life’s golf course! In addition to fellowship, this group also serves as an opportunity for leadership development for our parish’s next generation! ([email protected])

Vestry & Finance: The congregational boards that work closely with the priest in shared leadership, in matters both temporal and spiritual. Kevin Stone ([email protected])

Youth Ministry: From Nursery to Sunday school and Youth Group. A place for children and youth to grow in faith and service, whatever their age! Sarah & Nate Moreno ([email protected])

United Christian Fellowship of Southeast Asians: A new group for Christians of Indian and Pakistani background. Worship and music are shared in Hindi and Urdu — welcome! Monica & Innocent Victor ([email protected])