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Mission Trips

The 2019 Mission Trip to Guatemala has been completed with everlasting memories.  It was a huge heartwarming success and now the planning begins for the 2020 trip.  Through Eyes Wide Open Ministries, we will provide Biblical seminars and spiritual guidance for ministers in small mountain villages outside of Chiquimula, Guatemala.

  • Would you like to make a difference in someone’s life?
  • Do you have a bucket list of life’s events that you want to check off?
  • Do you want to make a new everlasting friend?
  • Would you like to spend a week with your fellow parishioners at the Eyes Wide Open ministry compound in Guatemala and distribute rice, beans, cooking oil, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, clothes, toys and flip-flops to homes you visit in the hill-side villages?
See pictures of the 2018 Mission Trip and past trips  by clicking here

Because the Church of the Apostles offers more opportunities than ever for our parishioners to put their faith into action through challenging and rewarding mission trips, here is an opportunity for a life rewarding lesson. 

Hence, the Guatemala Mission Trip will complete projects. These tasks will be repairing and renovating homes for families in need.  In addition, they will build mission and ministry facilities, and reach out to individuals and communities through Christian service.

Therefore, If you have any questions, please contact Liia Harmon at [email protected] 

To make a donation by check, please make it out to the Church of the Apostles.  In the memo line, mark it as “Guatemala Mission Trip”.  consequently, if you have any person you would like to support, you can write their initials.  Drop in the offering on Sunday or mail it to the church.

Finally, if you would like to donate online, just click Donate to Guatemala Online.  It’s easy!  Just fill out your information and select under the DESIGNATION BUTTON:  Guatemala Mission Trip. You can make any designation or other thoughts in the COMMENTS section.

Guatemala Mission Trips