Reduced Parish Activities

coronavirus - Reduced Parish Activities
Dear Apostles,
As expected, we now have transitioned to 
“Public worship is cancelled.”
Please do stay safe at home!
**We will have a (shorter) worship service online at 10:30am. **
Also feel free to share these worship links on your own social media accounts. 
New church website will be live later today at
plus worship Livestream at



Father Tim


Dear Apostles,

In response to our rapidly changing situation, as well as guidance from Dallas County and the Diocese, please use extreme caution this weekend.

While large gatherings of over 500 people are prohibited, the Mayor’s emergency declaration just released advises at-risk and over-60 citizens to avoid groups of over just 10!

Without being alarmist, I see no downside to making good use of our new live stream video capability. Therefore, I ask everyone (except for production support team), to consider remaining safely at home and watching remotely this weekend. If next week brings better news, I gladly will look forward to more present in church soon.

We do have a significant number of “at risk” parishioners, and it takes only a single person with unknown infection to cause problems — whether that person is me or you. Better extra caution now than deep regret later. 

There will be no Saturday night service this weekend. Sunday morning 10:30 Eucharist still will be celebrated (without choir or Sunday School). 

I expect more of you may share it via live stream than in person, with only production crew and support members considered essential.   Please do participate and pray and give online as you are able. 

Hopefully, these extreme precautions will be temporary and short term. Please do stay in touch with me and the office by phone and email, for any reason.

Here are helpful links for live stream, study, and giving:



Lectionary Page


We all will take this on a daily and weekly basis. Wherever you go, please practice strict health habits.   


Father Tim
Cell: (214)918-4928


Like every organization, we remain alert regarding health concerns and prudent modifications to our activities.

With new local cases of illness appearing this week, and wider precautions being implemented in all workplaces, please review and follow these steps — now at least for the remainder of Lent and until Easter:

  1. If you are high-risk due to age or preexisting conditions, please stay home and watch us on Sunday live stream. We would be delighted to hear you are doing so; just let us know!
  2. Like other work environments, we will continue “essential functions” unless told otherwise. For church, that means public Sunday worship and ONLY high priority meetings.
  3. Precautions under the generic category of “social distancing” feel very much opposite of our normal fellowship. However, as your priest and pastor, I greatly prefer temporary awkwardness or isolation to unnecessary illness or death. Therefore, I temporarily am suspending all home-based ministries during Lent. Likewise, our routine group studies can “fast” from face to face meetings until Easter.

    If you have a high priority meeting you feel cannot take a month off – please use the parish hall or other church room. Even for these functions, however, please stay home if you are symptomatic or at risk.

    We also will conduct more routine business by phone, email, and group teleconference.

    4. We will continue discreet pastoral care as safely as possible where needed. I will not send Lay Visitors into high-risk areas until the situation abates.

Hopefully, we can get back to our normal activities sooner rather than later. The above modifications may be slightly ahead of Diocesan or National Church policies. I would prefer a small amount of extra caution to widespread quarantine or sickness.

We will update this on a weekly basis. Please contact me directly with any questions. Also watch your email for additional material, prayers, and meditations we all can use (in place of normal hours spent commuting and meeting).

Thank you for your prayers, patience, and flexibility.


Father Tim