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Church of the Apostles began almost thirty years ago as an Episcopal parish worshipping the Triune God and serving Coppell and the surrounding area. Since then, much has changed in our denomination, throughout our country, and around the globe.

As we enter the third decade, our parish Vision remains clear:

  • We proclaim God’s ancient Gospel of Jesus Christ amid an ever-shifting modern world.
  • We remain anchored in reverent worship, with traditional Anglican liturgy combined with familiar hymns and modern music.
  • We ask the Holy Spirit to enliven us in worship and in service to those in need, whether across the street or across the ocean.
  • We maintain spiritual stability for our parish community by intentionally raising-up faithful leaders (of all ages) who are grounded in charity and integrity.
  • We welcome seekers and believers from diverse backgrounds.  Apostles now includes members from sixteen local cities and five continents.
  • With the completion of our new parish hall, we envision new ministries of fellowship, outreach, and service among our parish and the wider community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much have we raised for the new Parish Hall?

A: We exceeded our initial $1 million dollar goal, with a total nearing $1.2 million – THANK YOU!

Q: Why are we continuing with this campaign so soon after the last one?

A: Even with a successful seven-figure result, we always expected to incur some debt. It is important for the church to sustain God’s grace. Hence it is important to stay on solid financial footing by keeping this long-term debt to a manageable level.  Initial estimates from 2014 reflected a desire to carry a long-term note between $500,000 and $600,000. Even with careful planning and reduction in project scope, we now expect debt upon completion near $889,000. Although below what both the bank and Diocese approved, the mortgage amount ended higher than desired. Instead of a drawn-out solicitation over a decade, we instead seek to raise an additional $400,000 over the next three years. With just a little more giving by our parishioners, we will be able to service our debt and focus on a thriving parish without reducing programs.

Q: Why are we trying to do this in three years if our loan is written for a longer term?

A: We found a bank that offered us a three-year “interest only” period and now have 22 months remaining on this reduced monthly payment due. In the meantime, we have received a generous multi-year pledge of $40,000 annually to cover interest payments and allow the rest of the congregation to quickly pay down our principal amount. With these donations combined, a second phase campaign can reduce our debt far more efficiently than a long, lingering effort.  If we raise more than $400,000, we will pay down our loan even more quickly!

Q: How does my three-year capital commitment affect my regular giving to Apostles?

A: As with our original capital asking, your gift should reflect commitment and love in addition to what you regularly give.  (We ask everyone to consider increasing  2019  giving by just 1% of their income.)

Q: Is everyone in our church expected to give to this program?

A: We ask everyone to prayerfully consider participating. We remain grateful for gifts that were pledged previously but lagged due to unexpected circumstances. We also appreciate gifts from newer members who were not yet at Apostles when first building pledges were made!  And to those who completed an initial building donation and now add to it, we appreciate your faithfulness and continued support. Finally, each gift will be different – large and small, cash and in-kind gifts, and possibly planned or estate bequests –working together for something incredible at Apostles!

Q: What should I do if my original commitment has not been completed?

A: Most people will choose to “roll over” any remaining balance into a new commitment. This helps people fulfill what they felt God wanted them to do when they made their original commitment, even if circumstances have delayed their best intentions.

Q: When will giving begin for the new campaign?

A: December 2018 represents the first month of the new three-year commitments.

Q:  When will we be asked to return our new commitment card?

A: First Commitment weekend is December 1st & 2nd, 2018. This will be the opening week for returning pledges (whether by hard copy or email or online).  The acceptance of pledged for December 2018 is over and now pledges for 2019.are prayerfully accepted.

Q:  Can I donate assets other than cash?

A: Yes. Securities, real estate, life insurance, and any asset which can be sold readily are welcome. We also will share more information soon regarding planned giving at Apostles. For more information, please contact the church office.

Q:  Will I be able to change my commitment?

A: Yes, your commitment is not a contract. It is a good faith estimate of what you can give, in your “regular” tithes and offerings, as well as to our new Parish Hall.

Thank you for your prayerful support!